Wednesday, 30 April 2014

all about me ^_^

Hello, My name is Isha. As by the title, you will already know that its about me. I dont have a lot to talk about me because I am still a teenager. I will not give away my age because haven't you heard that "don't ask a girl, what's her age". I am a teenager who hasn't see the whole whole and haven't face the real life problems other than school problems. By reading this, you will be "oohh she is a teenager and she will be just like other teenager  to whom  life is defined as sleeping, eating, partying, and hanging out with friends. I know that these are my favorite stuff too and i am not the same teenager you see, that are around you. In our world, there approximately  7.046 billion people living but this is my story. Out of those 7 billion, this is a story of one person's life. This is all, I can tell you right now about me.